Elizabeth Perez Diner is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She is a self-taught artist since childhood. She attended Mass Communication at the Central University of Venezuela where she graduated in 1996. After working for few years she moved to the US in 2001. She admits art was her first nature, but instead of choosing Art she enrolled in Mass Communication. 

Even though she loved communication, there was always a missing piece in her puzzle: art. Her necessity of painting became a priority when she expected her first child, Gabriel. 

Her love for murals, she recalls, started at the age of 14 when she studied the Mexican muralism, the Renaissance, Cubism and Surrealism in high-school. It was an eye opener for her. What she couldn't imagine is that many years later this was going to be part of her existence. She loves murals more than any other surface; the reason, she says, "because I connect with the surface very quickly. I can hear the walls and feel the energy". Complementary to her self-learning process, she has attended several courses at Dundean Studios in Chatham, NJ and the Visual Art Center in Summit. She currently studies at DuCRet Art School in Plainfield. 

Perez Diner doesn't enclose herself into a category. She loves everything that has to do with art from Fine Arts, Web design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Calligraphy, Dancing, Writing, Singing, Acting and so on. "It is who I am", she says. Complicated? Not for her...her happiness is to be able to switch from one field to the other and challenge herself. 

The artist describes herself as a committed person and embraces every project with respect and appreciation for the client. She listens carefully and makes sure the vision of her client is portrayed and is always available to assist people in projecting their ideas. 

She feels her two sons, Gabriel Thomas born in 2003 and Benjamin Joseph in 2005 have been the inspiration that makes her create. She is grateful to them and to her beloved husband Bruce, who supports her in her endeavor. “Art elevates my soul and I’m pleased to share my creativity with pure joy. I put my heart in every single project, big or small, my dedication is always the same”, she says.

Enjoying this journey, your artist, studies the arts and is committed to giving the best of herself and is delighted to share with you compassion and understanding of all human beings.  Elizabeth P. Diner is a resident of Morristown, New Jersey where she first arrived to the United States in 2001.

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