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Title: As Garotas
Size: 24 x 36
Mixed-media (framed)

Price: $2,800

Title: Buddha and Symbols (framed)
Size: 28 w x 52 h
Medium: Acrylic, mixed media

Price: $2,800

Tittle: Mandarinas (framed)
Size: 19 w x 16 1/2 h
Medium: Charcoal, ink
Price: $355

Title: Buddha in Glow
Size: 12 w x 15 h
Medium: Acrylics, metallics
Price: $775

Title: Ajna

Size: 20 x 22

Medium: Mixed-media (framed)

Price: $999 

Title: Egyptian wings
Size: 9 1/2x 13 (unframed)
Mixed-media (Acrylic, OIl, Metalics)

Price: $900

  Title: Girasoles (Sunflowers)

Size: 9 1/2x13 (unframed) Mounted on silk paper
Price: $850

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Title: Poinsettia
Size:  11x14 (without frame) (about 21wide x 28 high framed)
Medium: Watercolor 

  Price $915
Organic Circle  (framed)
Size: 16 w x 20 h
Medium: Acrylics
Price: $1,895 (SOLD)

Title: Chromatic Buddha (framed)
Size: 22 w x 28 h
Medium: Acrylics
Price: $1,000

Title: Golden Pineapple
20 w x 24 h
Medium: Acrylics, mixes media

Title: Golden Mandala
Size: 12 x 16
Medium: Oil markers, acrylic, Metallics
Price: $395 unframed 

Title: Serenity (framed)

Size: 26 w x 32 h
Medium: Watercolor, acrylics, metallics

Title: Searching the Nile
Size: 30 wx 23 1/2
Mixed-media (acrylic) Unframed
Price: $950


Circle of Life (framed)
Size: 20 w x 20 h
Medium: Acrylics 
Price: $ 1,000